Environmentalist labels Ireland as ‘blaggards of Europe’ in carbon emissions cut

Ireland has been described as the blaggards of Europe when it comes to reducing carbon emissions, by an environmentalist.

The sectoral cut for agriculture is still being negotiated with the Green Party and environment scientists calling for a 30% reduction.

However, it’s expected the final figure will be lower.

Architect and environmentalist Duncan Stewart says time is running out to prevent serious climate change:

“Agriculture is our biggest emitter. Now admittedly, transport is the one that has gone up the most. It has gone up massively since 1990, and it has got us into the biggest hole we’re in because of transport, but agriculture’s emissions are the biggest. We have to look at the situation that all of our sectors have gone to reduce, and if we’re going to meet this target, it’s going to be very difficult for every sector.”


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