ESB and dCarbonX launch ‘Green Hydrogen @ Kinsale, an integrated project to develop large-scale storage for green hydrogen


This project – pending licence and planning approvals – could have the potential to store up to the equivalent of 10% of current Irish annual electricity consumption.

A proprietary evaluation of the depleted gas field reservoir took place earlier this year to identify the potential for large-scale storage of green hydrogen. Since then, a comprehensive work programme has begun, comprising of subsurface analysis, mineralogy, capacity modelling, injection and withdrawal rates, compression, drilling evaluation, well design, retention assurance, monitoring, electrolysis and infrastructure tie-in.

This is the latest project undertaken by ESB and dCarbonX following their partnership announcement in May, with the companies identifying and developing subsea energy storage offshore opportunities in Ireland.

Padraig O’Hiceadha, ESB Strategy Manager, Generation and Trading, said: “‘Green Hydrogen @ Kinsale’ is another milestone in ESB’s commitment to exploring the significant opportunities in hydrogen production and storage. Mirroring developments across Europe and globally, ESB recognises the role hydrogen will play in enabling a low carbon future. Transforming sites – such as the recently decommissioned gas reservoirs at Kinsale Head – and repurposing reservoirs for green hydrogen can deliver large-scale sustainable energy storage for homes and businesses in the future. We look forward to working with dCarbonX on this exciting renewable project.”

Dr John O’Sullivan, COO of dCarbonX, said: “The Kinsale Head reservoirs hosted safe, secure and reliable offshore natural gas subsurface energy storage for many years, underpinning Ireland’s security of gas supply. As subsurface lead for the original natural gas storage development, the dCarbonX and ESB partnership is optimally positioned to repurpose and develop these reservoirs for green hydrogen storage. Kinsale Head is the third Irish offshore location that we are assessing with ESB for green hydrogen storage and we look forward to providing further updates as appropriate.”

The County Cork region is ideally placed to be a renewable energy hub, having one of the largest natural harbours in the world, excellent energy and transport connectivity, modern global manufacturing and service industries together with power stations, refinery and gas reception terminal.


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