ESB Network technicians continue strike action

ESB Network technicians are out on the picket line again this morning as part of nationwide strike-action by around 550 members of the Independent Workers Union.

They’re calling on the ESB to engage with them over concerns they have about the outsourcing of certain work to private contractors.

The electricity company have called on the union to cancel the strike action and has described the action as unnecessary. 

Speaking to RedFM News network technician with ESB Networks Gerard McCarthy, who is on the picket line in Wilton, says ESB won’t engage with them but they won’t back down until their concerns are addressed.

“Even though we’ve been trying to get them to either the Labour Court or the WRC, which they’re prescribed to do under law as the mediation group for that purpose, and they’re refusing to go there.

“Morale with regard to our employer is very poor – with regard to our position very high, and in a good spirited mood in the hopes that we will achieve  what we need to achieve.”


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