EU Likely To Approve Phased Ban On Russian Oil Next Week

The EU’s likely to approve a phased ban on Russian oil next week, as part of a sixth sanctions package.

The measure has divided the bloc’s members because of their dependence on Russian energy.

But EU ambassadors will meet next Wednesday, and they’re expected to sign off on the phased embargo by the end of the week.

However Fine Gael’s spokesman on European Affairs, Neale Richmond, is calling for a stronger sanction:

“I think we can absolutely expect a phased ban on Russian oil, and indeed Russian gas, coming into the EU. However, I would hope and I certainly think the Irish government will be taking the stance that this shouldn’t be something that should be incremental, it should happen straightaway. Throughout this process, Ireland has taken the strongest possible position, along with fellow member states like the Baltic region, saying we need to switch off imports of Russian oil and gas as soon as possible”.



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