EU warns countries not to pay Russian gas bills in roubles

The European Union’s warning its members that giving in to Russia’s demands to pay for gas in roubles, would breach existing sanctions.

Ministers met in Brussels yesterday to discuss Moscow’s decision last week to cut supplies to Bulgaria and Poland.

Energy giant Gazprom claims it was because they’d failed to pay their bills in the right currency.

A sixth package of EU sanctions against Russia is expected this week.

Fianna Fáil MEP, Barry Andrews, says Ireland is far less exposed because we don’t rely on Russian oil and gas, but we must step up and help our European neighbours in the way they supported Ireland through the Brexit negotiations.

“We enjoyed a tremendous solidarity, especially from the member states who were not impacted at all.

“This is a further opportunity for the European Union to surprise people, and to demonstrate solidarity the face of adversity.

“We were the beneficiaries of it before, and I think we have to commit even though we aren’t as exposed as others.”

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