European Affairs Minister says further reopening of the country will be done in stages

The European Affairs Minister says today is a huge day for the country as more Level 5 restrictions are eased.

Outdoor sports like golf and tennis are reassuming while under age training is back in pods of 15.

Zoos, petting farms and heritage sites are also reopening while the number of people allowed to attend a funeral is increasing to 25.

But Minister Thomas Byrne is warning that any further reopening of the country will be in steps. 

“I don’t think we should jump ahead of ourselves too much.

“This vaccination rollout is happening much more quickly now, so therefore I think we can expect the economy and society to open much more quickly.

“I think it is better that we do it in steps, that we do it in stages, we’ve shown huge resilience and patience up to now and I think another few weeks of step by step reopening is going to do us a lot of good and reduce the risk of harm.”

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