European Court of Justice to hear appal over Apple’s tax affairs in Ireland

The EU’s top court is to begin hearing an appeal over Apple’s tax affairs in Ireland today.

In 2020, a lower court ruled that Apple did NOT owe the Irish government €13.1bn in unpaid tax.

However, the European Commission is appealing that decision to the European Court of Justice.

If the ruling is overturned the US tech giant, whose European headquarters are based at Holyhill in the city, would be forced to pay the multi-billion euro tax bill, along with €1bn in interest.

However economist Austin Hughes say the Irish government doesn’t want the money.

“The reality is that if Ireland gets the €13bn, its reputational damage and its status with the multinationals could be significantly affected.

“In those circumstances, the much discussed €60-65bn of Government surpluses expected over the next couple of years could be placed at risk.”


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