Exam Students Encouraged To Reach Out To Childline For Support If Anxious And Struggling

Exam students are being encouraged to reach out to Childline for support if they are feeling anxious and struggling to keep their anxiety under control.

The ISPCC says with the State Exams beginning in a little over two weeks they are already experiencing a surge in demand for their services.

Victoria Howson, from the ISPCC says for some students, unresolved mental health issues are leading to them missing classes which is driving their anxiety around the State Exams.

Speaking to RedFM News, Victoria says they can provide a listening ear to any student feeling overwhelmed:

“We are here to listen, that’s an undervalued skill these days. Where, not only you of course need to give children and young people interventions and give them resources – all that good stuff – but sometimes you just need to have somebody who wants to listen to your side of the story and what’s going on for you. So if you’re stressed about exams or even if you want to talk about it, not just from an anxiety or stress point of view, but you just simply want to chat about what your future should be in this career – whatever it is, we’re here to listen to that”.


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