Exams begin across the country

More than 131,000 students will begin their Leaving Certificate, Applied and Junior Cycle examinations this morning.

This year marks the full return of externally delivered examinations for all candidates since the year before the Covid pandemic.

The number expected to sit exams this year has increased by 6 percent compared to the last time a full set of examinations was run in 2019.

The Minister for Education Norma Foley is wishing students well this morning and commended them for showing such resilience during the pandemic.

“They have shown tremendous resilience, determination and focus over these past two years, and they’ve been a challenging two years.

“They’ve gotten on with the work, and today they have a chance to showcase all the time and work that they’ve put in over the last two years, and I wish them well.”

The HSE is warning students of the dangers of excess stress, as exams begin across the country this morning.

Students are being encouraged to spot the signs of stress, and to take steps to manage their anxiety levels.

Dr.Joseph Morning is the Mental Health editor for youth website Spunout – he has these tips for reducing stress.

“It’s really basic but it’s really important – sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep can really set you up and lay the ground work.

“What you’re eating – you need to fuel your body.

“The last thing that’s really important – be sure to keep perspective.

“Exams are important, but they’re not the most important thing. In ten year’s time you probably won’t be able to remember what you got in your Leaving Cert.”


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