Expert warns that hospital system is on the brink

An infectious diseases specialist says a single bad outbreak of Covid-19 at a nursing home could put the public hospital system over the edge. 

2,944 more people have tested positive for the virus, and thirteen more patients have died. 

1,928 people are now being treated in hospital for the infection, after 68 more people were admitted yesterday, while 195 patients are in intensive care. 

Professor Sam McConkey of the Royal College of Surgeons says the situation in our hospitals could get far worse without much warning. 

“There are too many unknowns, particularly you can get outbreaks in residential homes or outbreaks in nursing homes that are unpredictable and hard to prevent.

“All it takes is a large outbreak in a large nursing home – that could be very large numbers.

“I think it’s unpredictable the numbers that we’ll see of people continuing to come in over the next days and weeks.

“That’s partly why it’s so frightening and unsettling – we don’t know how big it’s going to be, or how long it’s going to continue to rise.”


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