Families impacted by incineration of babies organs at CUMH shocked and frustrated they will not be given a draft report

The families impacted by the incineration of babies organs at Cork University Maternity Hospital say they are shocked and frustrated to hear that they will not be given a draft report into the scandal.

Families say they were informed on Monday that they will not receive a draft, despite saying they were promised that they would be able to review it and submit their feedback before the final report is published.

The scandal centres around the incineration of the organs of 18 babies who died at Cork University Maternity Hospital..

Leona Bermingham’s son Lee’s organs were among those sent to Belgium without their consent at the start of the pandemic.

Speaking to RedFM News, Leona outlines what they have been told.

“We got an email from our support patient advocacy service to say that we are now not being involved in the report at all,  that we will just receive the finalised report.

“From the beginning we were told we would have an input into the report, now all of a sudden we won’t.

“I just can’t believe it really, I’m shocked and I’m so frustrated. It’s another blow for us really.

“The fact we thought we’d have an input, the fact that we were promised we would, I have emails that we would have all this input, and now nothing.

“And to not even hear from them themselves – it’s absolutely ridiculous.”

RedFM News has contacted CUH for a statement and is awaiting a response

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