Families of patients at Owenacurra Centre annoyed by treatment of residents

The families of patients at the Owenacurra Centre in Midleton have hit out at the treatment of their loved ones.

The long stay mental health centre on the grounds of Midelton Community hospital has been slated for closure by the HSE, however families say residents should not be moved and are calling for a new centre to be built on the hospital grounds.

Yesterday the Joint Committee on Health said the evidence presented by the HSE to justify the closure of the unit was “unconvincing” and are calling on the Minister of State for Mental Health Mary Butler to reverse the decision.

The Joint Committee also said the closure would be in direct contravention of a policy for mental health services to be located within communities.

Maureen’s brother has been living in Owenacurra for almost 12 years.

She told RedFM News that families are very annoyed at how they and residents have been treated.

“These are people with long term mental health illness, don’t forget about that.

“For 9 months, a body that is supposed to be protecting and promoting their health, has against its own documents  in that you’re not supposed to move people with long term mental health illness out of their own area.

“They’ve gone against their own documents, and just a lack of consultation with residents and with relatives.

“They need to overturn it right now, and we need political intervention from the Taoiseach to make sure this happens.”


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