Family feuds leading to children transferring schools says former Lord Mayor Chris O’Leary

A Cork youth worker is warning that family feuds are leading to children transferring schools.

Former Lord Mayor Chris O’Leary, who works with a number of at-risk families says conflicts are being passed down through generations and are becoming issues in schools.

Some families have had to move their children from schools in the city to the county.

It’s led to calls for improved conflict resolution as children are becoming involved in the feuds and that in some instances these conflicts can turn nasty.

Speaking to RedFM NEWS Chris O’Leary says it’s causing issues in schools.

“Parents are seeking to try and transfer their children from where they’re going to school to other schools.

“There are problems with that as sometimes it’s not always doable, and we then have a dilemma.

“My highlighting of this, it’s trying to throw light on conflict resolution, conflict management, and looking at how we can deescalate these conflicts or these issues.”


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