Farmers Could Receive Lump Sum Payment To Help Meet Increased Costs Under European Proposals

Farmers could receive a lump sum payment to help meet increased costs, under European proposals.

The EU Commission is making the recommendation to member states, which it hopes will address market disruption and contribute to global food security.

If adopted the plan would see selected farmers get up to 15,000 euro and agri-business SME’s could receive up to 100,000

Commission Spokesperson, Miriam Garcia Ferrer says countries will also have to record stocks of certain food on a monthly basis:

“By directly addressing these cash flow challenges faced by farmers and small, rural businesses, this measure will address the market disturbances and thus contribute to global food security. The commission has also adopted a decision whereby member states will have to notify the Commission on their monthly level of stocks of cereals, oilseeds, and rice”.


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