Fears expressed over hospital overcrowding in Cork

Fears have been expressed about the risks posed attending a hospital at the moment due to overcrowding

Figures from the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation show that Cork University Hospital is regularly the second most overcrowded hospital in the country with patients being treated on trollies and additional beds being introduced to wards

The union says this is not best practice and particularly in the middle of a pandemic

Latest figures from the INMO show that 44 patients are awaiting a bed at Cork University Hospital while nationally up to June 25,000 have been treated on trolleys

Liam Conway of the INMO in Cork told RedFM News that the virus is looking for congregations and Irish hospitals are providing that.

“From a Cork perspective we’ve seen significant overcrowding at Cork University Hospital over the last few weeks.

“Likewise we’ve seen that in the Mercy for example as well.

“It’s an absolute biological hazard Covid 19, and this is not acceptable in terms of treating and caring for patients in an overcrowded environment, but now in particular this is a new issue surrounding Covid-19, and the concern around cross contamination or for example Covid-19 spreading in this crowded environment.

“It’s obviously putting significant pressure on the wards as well in both hospitals in Cork.”


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