Fears free school meals may disappear amid cost of living crisis

There are fears free meals could be done away with in some disadvantaged schools, due to difficulties getting caterers.

Schools get allowances of 60 cent for breakfast per student and €1.40 for lunch.

Education and Training Boards Ireland says the level of funding hasn’t been increased in the past decade, despite rising food prices.

It’s warning the scheme is unworkable and is calling for urgent government action.

Paddy Lavelle, Chief Executive of Education and Training Boards Ireland, says they’re struggling to find providers to prepare the meals:

“The problem at the moment is the allowances have been quite low for some time that have been revised, and so as we’re going out to tender or the school meals program in the education and training boards, we’re finding that people who were supplying the service options are finding it very difficult to supply those rates.”


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