Fears reopening date for nightclubs and late bars might not happen

A late night events organiser fears the October 22nd reopening date for nightclubs and late bars might not happen if case numbers and hospitalisations rise to concerning levels.

Almost all restrictions are due to be eased on this date, including the curfew and physical distancing requirements on pubs.

Nightclubs will also reopen for the first time.

There have been calls for a phased re-opening of the sector instead of just one date being rolled out for all

Artists are cautiously welcoming the return of gigs, though some says “it’s too little, too late” for the live events sector.

From September 6th, organised indoor events are permitted to 60 percent capacity while outdoor events can allow 75 percent attendance, for those who are vaccinated.

Where there is mixed immunity at events, there will be a 50 percent capactiy limit with social distancing and facemasks in use.

The industry has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, with many people being forced to seek jobs elsewhere due to the prolonged shutdown of live events.

Speaking to RedFM News outside Cork Opera House, theatre producer Patrick Talbot says the return to venues like the Opera House is a huge relief to many.

“When we’re going back into theatres to see concerts, to see shows, it’s a flag to all of us that full normality is within our grasp. We are nearly there.

“We still have to be cautious, as the Taoiseach said yesterday the pandemic is not over.

“We still have to be cautious, but we will be cautious. We will do whatever is necessary.

“The fact that we can go back into theatres like the Opera House, like the Everyman, is a measure of how close we are to full normality – let’s go for it.”


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