Feminist Group Calls For Publication Of Correspondence Between Religious Sisters Of Charity And Vatican Over New National Maternity Hospital

A feminist group’s calling for the publication of correspondence between the Religious Sisters of Charity and Vatican over the new National Maternity Hospital.

Small scale protests have taken place in five cities across the island of Ireland today demanding the hospital is built on publicly owned land.

It’ll cost up to a billion euro and is to be built on land at St Vincent’s campus in Dublin under a 299 year lease agreement.

Ruth Coppinger’s spokesperson for Rosa, who organised today’s protests, she says more transparency around the terms of the lease is needed:

“We’re seeing that there are conditions on the lease, that the rent actually is €850,000 a year. That’s the default rent, but it’s reduced to €10 euros based on six conditions. One of those conditions is also clinically appropriate services on site. But we also need to see whatever correspondence exists from the Vatican because the sisters had to get the permission of the Vatican for this, so what is in those documents as well?”


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