Fianna Fáil TD doesn’t believe Micheál Martin will lead into the next general election

A Dublin Fianna Fáil TD says he doesn’t believe Micheál Martin will lead the party into the next general election.

John Lahart is one of a number of back benchers calling for a review of the Programme for Government.

Others are worried Fianna Fáil is getting overshadowed by it’s coalition partners and have threatened to vote against the transition to Leo Varadkar as Taoiseach.

Deputy Lahart says the impact of that change over needs to be measured before it happens in December:

“I don’t believe he will lead us into the next election. It’s not beyond the man actually he’s done it before to walk into the Dáil and make a dramatic statement, but that’s for somewhere down the road. As I said the transition of the opposition is beginning to know what it means for Fianna Fáil. It will have consequences for the party and we need to prepare for them.”


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