Fianna Fail TD Says If Everyone Goes Back To Work In Offices Next Month It Would Be A ‘Missed Opportunity’

A Fianna Fail TD says if everyone goes back to work in offices next month it would be a ‘missed opportunity’.

Paul McAuliffe believes remote working leads to less traffic on the roads, fewer transport emissions and improved air quality.

He’s calling on the Government to let thousands of public servants stay working from home.

Deputy McAuliffe says employers who can, should allow people continue to work remotely:

“I believe employers can make a significant contribution by trying to keep as many people as possible at home, where that is possible. Of course, there will be employments where it’s not, but where it’s possible, with really good online management tools, I think it will really change people’s lives, allow them to work and live in their local villages, in urban villages in the city, and to allow them to have the benefits of working from home.”


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