Flooding Expected In Cork Over Next Week As Met Éireann Issues Weather Advisory

Flooding is expected in parts over the next week as Met Éireann issues a weather advisory.

It’s running until next Friday, bringing rain which will add to already waterlogged soils.

The forecaster says there won’t be weather warning amounts of rain – but it will still pose a risk.

Meteorologist Paul Downes outlines what will happen:

“The last couple of weeks we’ve had a lot of rain fall in Ireland, and a lot of the soils are saturated or waterlogged in places. So any rainfall on top of that, now brings a risk of flooding, localised flooding. So, really we’re just going to have more rain, more showers over the weekend, especially in the West of the country. Next week we’re gonna have further fronts crossing, bringing more rain on top of that waterlogged soil”.


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