Foreign Affairs Minister Says Only Weeks Remaining To Resolve Problems With Northern Ireland Protocol

The Foreign Affairs Minister says there is only a matter of weeks remaining to resolve the problems with the Northern Ireland protocol.

Simon Coveney has described relations between the government and the unionist community as ‘very strained’, due to Brexit.

He says he’ll travel to Belfast again next week to try to restore trust – and fix the issues with the Irish Sea border.

Speaking to the Atlantic Council in Washington, Minister Coveney says he’s willing to compromise:

“We will work with European Union to try to ensure that as much flexibility as possible is adopted in the context of the protocol and its implementation – to reduce to the maximum extent possible checks on goods coming from Great Britain into Northern Ireland. Hopefully by doing that, we can rebuild some trust. You know that process needs to happen over the next few weeks, because you know we don’t have months here we have weeks.”


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