Former Bishop Believes Catholic Church Should Help With The Housing Crisis In Any Way It Can

A former bishop believes the Catholic Church should help with the housing crisis in any way it can.

It comes as the Housing Minister has asked the church to identify any areas it could sell land back to the State for housing.

It’s ahead of the launch of the Housing For All policy, which could be published as early as Thursday.

Labour housing spokesperson, Senator Rebecca Moynihan, says actually building homes, and not a lack of land, is the biggest issue the State is facing:

“The problem that the state has isn’t a lack of land, but it’s actually housing delivery and housing affordability. I think that comes back to the key of what is it going to be in ‘Housing For All’. And if you’re looking at some of the leaks that are coming out today, they’re talking about 33,000 units by 2025.  Now, that’s not going to put a dent in our housing crisis.”





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