Former CEO of Dublin’s Inner City Helping Homeless alleged to have sexually assaulted men he’d secured accommodation for

Anthony Flynn was under investigation by Gardai following a number of allegations and took his own life last month.

David Hall, the former chair of the board, has prepared a 12-page internal report into the handling of the allegations and it was sent to the charity last night.

On August 7th, Gardai informed Mr Hall they’d been investigating two complaints of serious sexual assault against Anthony Flynn in May of this year.

One involved a 21-year-old man classed as extremely vulnerable who was brought to the CEO’s home by taxi in the middle of the night.

The alleged victim presented to an adult emergency department the following day and was transferred to the sexual assault unit.

When the allegations were put to Mr Flynn, he’s said to have replied “this was more B-S”

Two of the men allegedly sexually assaulted by Mr Flynn had previously been accommodated by the CEO in temporary rental housing provided by the charity.

Anthony Flynn confirmed he would be stepping down from Inner City Helping Homeless on Sunday August 8th and took his own life 10 days layer.


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