Former Debenhams staff to protest at the Dail

Former Debenhams workers are staging a protest outside the Dáil at midday to call for the so-called ‘Debenhams Bill’ to be signed into law.

The bill from Cork TD Mick Barry seeks to prioritise employees in a liquidation situation by putting them above suppliers and creditors.

It also contains the provision that collective agreements made with employees prior to liquidation are treated as a legal debt.

Over 1,000 staff were made redundant when Debenhams wound down its Irish operation over two years ago.

Staff in Cork picketed their former work place for over 400 days in a bid to force Debenhams to honour their agreement to pay staff four weeks pay for every year of service.

Speaking to RedFM News, former Debenhams shop steward Valerie Conlon outlines the progression of the Debenhams Bill.

“It came about obviously because of the Debenhams 406 day strike.

“Last year when he brought it in front of the Dail it did pass the second stage, but the government decided to put a stop to it for 12 months.

“So now the 12 months is up on the 12th of May, the staff are getting together, there’s some coming up from the other shops as well, and we are having a protest outside the Dail at 12 o’clock.”


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