Former Employee Of Church of Scientology fails in appeal of conviction and prison sentence for verbally abusing autism campaigner

A 24 year old, former employee of the Church of Scientology, has failed in his appeal of his conviction and ninety day prison sentence, for verbally abusing an autism campaigner, over the phone.

At a sitting of the appeals court in Skibbereen yesterday, Judge Helen Boyle said there was absolute certainty that Nathan Moore, with an address in Tallagh, had made an abusive call to Fiona O’Leary on December 4th, 2017.

Judge Boyle said that the call which involved “offensive and foul language” had caused distress to Ms O’Leary, who herself has autism and has two children with the condition.

Eimear McKeown has more for RedFM News:

“At the original hearing in Bantry in December 2019, the court heard that Ms O’Leary had contacted the Scientology Centre in Tallaght as she had concerns about Scientology involvement in an upcoming funfair.

She told the judge that Mr Moore rang her back while she was at home and that the conversation had been pleasant.

The call was made from the Scientology Centre landline.

Mr Moore admitted losing his temper when he rang Ms O’Leary back on a mobile phone shortly after the first call.

The mother of five recorded the call.

Yesterday at the appeal, Judge Helen Boyle accepted that the call had caused extreme upset to Fiona O’Leary, who told the court that she was afraid to leave the house following the call.

Mr Moore apologised profusely to Ms O’Leary and her children for his comments.

He has since left the Church of Scientology and no longer works there.

Judge Boyle said that she was prepared to adjourn the case for a year.

Eimear McKeown, RedFM News”


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