Fota Wildlife Park welcomes a baby sloth for the first time.

Fota Wildlife Park has announced the arrival of the first-ever baby sloth born at the park.

The two-toed Linné sloth, whose gender is still unknown, was born on the 30th of April to mother Talyta and father Matheo after a gestation of six months.

Matheo, who is four and a half years old, was transferred from Wilhelma Zoo, Stuttgart, Germany to Fota Wildlife Park in 2019. Mother Talyta is three years old and came from Papiliorama Swiss Tropical Gardens to Fota in November 2020.

Lead Ranger, Julien Fonteneau said “Fota Wildlife Park is delighted to announce the birth of a baby sloth. Not only does the Wildlife Park have great success breeding the fastest land animal and the tallest land animal in the world, and now also with the world’s slowest moving animal, the sloth.”

People can view the baby sloth in the Tropical House from 11am – 5pm, which recently reopened to the public after closure due to the Covid pandemic.

Fota Wildlife Park is calling on the public to help name the baby sloth via the blog


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