Fresh calls for a dedicated transport police force on the country’s rail network

Calls have been made for the establishment of a garda unit or specialist state-backed force to be responsible for policing public transport.

In recent months, there have been ongoing issues with drug use, anti-social behaviour and violent incidents on the transport network.

Last year RedFM News highlighted a passenger complaint about drug taking on the Dublin-Cork train which was lodged with Irish Rail

The company recorded 26 reports of antisocial behaviour on this route over an 18 month period from January 2020 to June 2021, with several related to drug use.

It led to calls from union reps for a dedicated transport police force after the National Bus and Rail Union described the Cork -Dublin line as drug route for some
Chair of the Dail’s Justice Committee James Lawless says specialist officers with the power to search and arrest are what’s needed on the rail network

“Particularly I think since the pandemic., we’ve seen that some people who board the train, as soon as they come in they are menaces – not always by any means but very often. Even on the way home last night on the train there was people in the carriages with music playing and there’s an air of cannabis smoke hanging around and many people have said to me that they have seen people intoxicated on public transport. I’m not talking about the “Drink Link”  or the night link home late at night, I’m talking about 3pm in the day”


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