Funeral of Pat Hume to take place in Derry

The President will be among those in attendance today at the funeral of Pat Hume, the wife of the late SDLP leader John Hume.

The service takes place in St Eugene’s Cathedral in Derry at 11am.

The Hume family is keeping attendance private, but it will be streamed live.

Former Sinn Féin general secretary Mitchell McLaughlin says Pat Hume played a vital — but low-key — role in helping to hammer out the Good Friday Agreement.

“I can remember in particular the toing and froing with the British Government over the Downing Street Declaration.

“John Hume and Gerry Adams were leading their respective teams, and while Pat wasn’t named on the team it’s quite obvious that she played a key role in teasing out those differences, or the games that were being played by the draughts people.”


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