Garda Commissioner Praises Courage Of 15 Gardai In Rescue Operation Of Prominent Businessman Don Tidey Almost 40 Years Ago

The Garda Commissioner has praised the courage of 15 gardaí in the rescue operation of prominent businessman Don Tidey almost 40 years ago.

The Gardaí have been awarded the Scott Medal at a ceremony in Dublin, which is the Garda’s highest award for bravery.

Garda Gary Sheehan and Private Patrick Kelly were shot dead in the rescue operation of Don Tidey who had been abducted by the IRA.

John Sommers, the son of the late Detective Spt William Somers, recalls the day of the rescue operation in December 1983.

“I was there the day he actually came back from the actual operation. And I saw the bullet holes in his jacket, through here to his elbow, through his elbow and his boot. And they were taken away the next day for evidence. That was a long day. At the time, there was no mobile phones, so myself and our family and my mom were quite worried, so as only until he came home and actually answered the door that we realised he’s still alive.”


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