Garda Commissioner: Significant Amount Of New Information Gathered On Kinahan Gang

A significant amount of new information has been gathered on the Kinahan gang, according to the Garda Commissioner.

Drew Harris says there’s been daily engagement with US authorities and Europol.

The US government has imposed sanctions on three members of the Kinahan gang, and offered a $5 million reward for arrest-worthy information.

Commissioner Harris says it’s possible that the Kinahans could be prosecuted on foreign soil:

“We’re working very closely with US law enforcement. That’s an ongoing and in fact, daily engagement with both US law enforcement, federal law enforcement but also then Europol. Huge amount of work has been done since the 12th of April. A lot of intelligence and information has been gleaned, and now we’re using that to build the case. But it’s not to say that we will be reporting this to the DPP. It may be that some other jurisdiction will be taking a prosecution and we will be seeking then to support that”.

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