Gardaí reported to be investigating 2 men as suspects in the murder of missing woman Annie McCarrick

It’s reported Gardai are investigating two men as suspects in the murder of missing woman Annie McCarrick.

The American woman vanished from her home in Sandymount Dublin in 1993 and her inquiry was recently upgraded to murder.

Annie McCarrick was just 26 year old when she went missing

She had last been seen buying groceries on Friday March 26th 1993.

The food was still in the bags in her Sandymount apartment and she was never heard from again.

Gardai are now looking at two men who are being treated as suspects according to the Irish Times.

They are looking at original statements given by the men and they want to speak to people who provided alibis for them.

It’s believed one of the men had been harassing or stalking annie mccarrick and even previously assaulted her.
It’s also now believed a reported sighting of her in Johnnie Foxes pub was a genuine mistake.


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