“Gay Cake Case” Doesn’t Progress In European Court Of Human Rights Because Of Legal Technicality

The so-called “gay cake case” isn’t being progressed in the European Court of Human Rights because of a legal technicality.

The dispute first started 7 years ago, when Ashers – a Christian-run bakery in Belfast – wouldn’t complete an order for a cake bearing a message in support of gay marriage.

The Christian Institute has welcoming today’s ruling.

But Daniel Holder from the Committee for the Administration of Justice says it could have worrying implications:

“There’s lots of groups campaigning on gay rights across Europe and facing increasing hostility and we’d be worried that they’ll be vulnerable to commercial businesses who will, say, refuse them a service, whether that’s printing a poster, a leaflet, setting up a website, things like that, purely on the basis of what their message is.”

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