Gogglebox Ireland twins won’t be returning to the show

Cavan twins Fergal and Neal Tully have confirmed they will not be returning to Googlebox Ireland.

Fergal announced the news on Twitter with his usual wit saying, “It’s with a heavy heart to announce that myself and Neal will not be on Gogglebox in the near future. I could not bring myself to watch tonight as it’s like watching your ex shifting your best buddy in the local nightclub.”

The Tully twins have been a fan favourite on the show since they joined the fly-on-the-wall series in 2016. Viewers found their humour endearing while their choice of socks and couch impressed many.

For those unfamiliar with the show, the franchise sees ordinary people sitting at home and reacting to popular TV shows, movies and news items during the week.

The latest series of the Irish version of the show returned last night.


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