Government accused of being ‘morally wrong’ on evictions ban lifting

The Government is being accused of being “morally wrong” over its decision to lift the eviction ban.

People Before Profit TD Brid Smith says they’ve “dumped citizens to the forewinds” without giving them any choice of where they might go.

Even if there’s a surge in homelessness, the Taoiseach said yesterday the eviction ban won’t be brought back.

Deputy Bríd Smith says her party is planning a protest at a later date over the ending of the ban.

“There’s a debate promised, and there will probably be a motion before the Dail as well.

“We will mobilising people to gather at the Dail at a particular time. None of it is fixed yet, but once it is we will start mobilising, and advertising on social media and getting everybody behind the major protest to say ‘don’t do this – it’s wrong.”


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