Government to discuss contingency plans in the event of fuel shortages

The Government’s emergency energy group meets today to discuss contingency plans in the event of fuel shortages caused by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

It will formulate plans to supply energy to certain industries like food and medicine producers if there was to be a serious interruption to oil supplies this winter.

According to the Irish Times, the ‘worst-case-scenario’ plans would also involve fuel rationing at the petrol pumps, with certain service stations tasked with providing fuel to more than 40 categories of emergency and essential workers.

Meanwhile a Cork MEP is warning the country needs to be conscious about fuel costs this winter.

The former Irish Minister for Trade and Labour Affairs has warned that if Russia reduces gas flows to Europe, Ireland will suffer.

Billy Kelleher said we need to start producing our own electricity.

“We have to be very conscious of the fact that if we have a very challenging winter, if you had a continuation of Putin’s efforts in terms of reducing gas flows into Europe, that could put a pinch across Europe.

“Gas prices have already gone up by 450%, it looks like they will continue to go upward, so we have to be conscious that that could be a significant challenge.”


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