Government to publish plans on third level education

The Government will today publish details of how it plans to cut the cost of third level education.

The Minister for Higher Education says while specifics of grants or fees can’t be revealed until budget day, he is clear that the current fees are too high and need to be brought down.

Minister Simon Harris says help is needed for those who don’t qualify for third level grants.

“People are struggling, there’s a cost of living crisis.

“If you actually compare the costs now, if you had two kids going to college in the 90s, the registration fee for a four year degree would be about €1500 for the two of them for four years – that’s now 24 grand.

“Yes lots of people get grants, but there’s also a squeezed middle that never receive any support from what I can see.

“I really want to see what we can do to help them.”


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