Government urged to take urgent action on climate change

The government must take urgent action to ensure we have the infrastructure and services in place to respond to the impact climate change is having on society.

The Climate Change Advisory Council said Ireland is not prepared for today’s climate and the climate of the future which is set to get much worse.

The comments come following a review of the National Adaptation Framework, an independent advisory body which submitted 34 recommendations stating that Ireland is not prepared for today’s climate.

Professor Peter Thorne, Chair of the Council’s Adaptation Committee says Ireland needs to urgently take the steps required to deal with the consequences of climate change.

“We really have taken our eye off the ball on the other part of the equation which is adapting the bill of change that we’ve already seen, and will continue to see into the future.

“The heat wave that we’ve seen across Western Europe in recent weeks is undoubtedly down to climate change, and it will become more frequent and more severe.”


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