GPs Around The Country Preparing To Offer Booster Third Vaccine Dose To Certain Sections Of Population

General Practitioners around the country are preparing to offer booster third vaccine doses to certain sections of the population.

Those over 80 years of age living the community, or those over 65 in residential care, will mostly be contacted by a GP or a nursing home.

While immuno-compromised patients will be called directly by the HSE, which will happen over the next 6 weeks.

Dr. Ray Walley, Associate Professor of General Practice at UCD, says the booster is for the older population only at this time:

“This will be for age 80 years and older, and for age 65 years and older living in a long term residential care facility. For a second group of people, there will be a third dose, an additional COVID-19 vaccine dose, and that will be for highly immunocompromised organ recipients, renal patients, certain cancer patients and people on particular medications.”


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