Graham Dwyer to appeal murder conviction

Seven years after being handed a life sentence for murder, Graham Dwyer is due to appeal his conviction later this morning.

Earlier this year, he won a significant challenge against a law in relation to the indiscriminate retention of mobile phone metadata.

In 2015, Graham Dwyer was found guilty of murdering childcare worker, Elaine O’Hara.

Phone data was a crucial plank in the case presented to the jury.

Logs of call records and location data in relation to a number of mobile phones were used to link him to what happened to Ms O’Hara.

The prosecution believed he killed her to realise his own sexual fantasies.

Now 49yo, Dwyer hasn’t strayed far from the headlines since his conviction.

His legal challenge against the law that allowed for the indiscriminate retention of mobile phone metadata was followed closely.

It was a challenge he eventually won earlier this year.

That paved the way for him to bring an appeal against the murder conviction itself.

Day one of what’s expected to be a two-day hearing is due to begin later this morning.


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