Green Party Councillor calls for communities to take the short term pain for the BusConnects plan

A Cork City Councillor is calling for communities to take the short term pain of potentially losing part of their properties for the long term gains that the BusConnects plan will bring.

Green Party Councillor Colette Finn says the project is needed to improve public transport and will result in a healthier and less car-dependent city.

The NTA says the plan to reduce bus journey times by building 12 bus corridors includes the compulsory purchase order of land attached to around 990 properties.

The community in Douglas are the latest to come out against the loss of some of their gardens and a portion of Ballybrack Woods after some Harbour View Road residents said they would resist attempts to take their property for the project.

Speaking to RedFM News, Cllr Colette Finn says she understands that the prospect of losing part of their property will be difficult for some residents.

“By no stretch of the imagination is this easy. They’ve probably been living there 20,30 or 40 years, and now they’re being disrupted.

“But it’s a bit like the pandemic. If we know what the objective is, we know what we have to do is hard, but we know for that short term pain there is that long term gain.

“We need to stop the dependency on cars, it doesn’t mean we’re not going to use cars at all, but it does mean that it’s not the go-to for every trip.”


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