Green Party Leader: Frustration Within Government At Pace Of Accommodation For Ukrainian Refugees

There is frustration within government at the pace of accommodation being offered to Ukrainian refugees, according to the Green Party leader.

Temporary contracts with hotels and B&B’s are due to expire, which means thousands of refugees could be without somewhere to stay.

The expiration of state contracts with hotels, B&Bs and religious institutions could impact over 3 thousand Ukrainian refugees.

Integration minister Roderic O’Gorman said some of those will be extended, with a meeting of the cabinet sub-committee to take place later.

Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan says the government’s doing all it can to help refugees move into appropriate accommodation for medium to long term.

However he adds the vetting processes are frustrating:

“We have to review that and make sure it is speeded up, made much more flexible, and made much quicker.”

Migrant rights group NASC meanwhile says the government can help by allowing refugees to access the housing assistance payment.

It claims refugees can only claim rent supplement, but they won’t qualify for that if they’re working full-time.

Community sponsorship manager with NASC, Majo Rivas says access to HAP would help:

“In terms of removing these policies and barriers, this could be a very tangible action to assist people in moving on from this accommodation”.

That Cabinet sub-committee meeting later will also assess more avenues to source appropriate accommodation.


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