Greyhound Action Ireland accuses the Government of sponsoring animal cruelty

Greyhound Action Ireland has accused the Irish Greyhound Board of presiding over an activity with an appalling record when it comes to animal welfare.

It’s calling on the Government to ensure the board is held accountable for its actions.

Greyhound Action Ireland has also accused the Government of sponsoring animal cruelty, as it funds the industry itself.

Spokesperson Nuala Donlon says the number of greyhound deaths and injuries is far too high:

“The whole process of racing dogs on the track results in huge numbers of dogs being killed and injured and the most recent figures we have shows that since 2015, 1060 dogs have been killed while racing and Irish Greyhound tracks just short of 3000 more have been injured and that doesn’t include dogs killed and injured in official and unofficial trials.”


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