Haiti Orphanage Project ESPWA Meeting In Dripsey To Send Humanitarian Aid To Island Again Beset By Natural Disaster

An earthquake and tropical storm struck the island leaving several hundred thousand people homeless and at least 2-thousand dead.

Tomorrow the Irish charity will prepare the aid which includes hospital beds, mattresses, PPE, bandages, crutches and nappies, for shipping.

People can find out more, or donate towards the shipping costs at 4Haiti.ie – the numberal 4.

The Director of the Haiti Orphanage Project ESPWA, Kieran Tansey told RedFM News, what exactly is planned for tomorrow and the coming weeks if they secure sufficient donations:

“What we’re doing tomorrow is, from our depo, we’re loading a container of emergency humanitarian aid, which will be fully packed and loaded tomorrow. It’s already booked on the shipper out of Cork for next week. It’s the first of three containers that we hope to send over the next two to four weeks.”



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