Head Of Land Development Agency Says Ireland Must Build New Housing Developments Densely To Tackle Climate Change

The head of the Land Development Agency says Ireland must build new housing developments densely to help tackle climate change.

It comes as the government promises to deliver 300,000 new homes by the end of the decade – with 4 billion euro to be spent each year.

John Coleman, Chief Executive of the LDA, feels high rise buildings must play a part in our bid to tackle the housing crisis.

He says developers must engage with local communities that express concern about such developments:

“Not only do we need to do that as a public body but it makes commercial sense as well. I find you take a lot of the pressure out of the situations by doing as much consultation as possible. But we do need to build density as a country, we have a significant climate challenge that we have currently and ahead of us and compact and sustainable growth is the way that we’re going to meet those challenges.”


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