Head of the HSE has said some people need a ‘reality check’ when it comes to progress on Sláintecare

Paul Reid and Secretary General of the Department of Health, Robert Watt, appeared at an ill-tempered meeting of the Oireachtas Health Committee earlier.Social Democrats co-leader, Roisin Shortall, accused them of not understanding Sláintecare and its goals.But HSE CEO Paul Reid says much of the planned progress was delayed by Covid:

“I think it’s important I address my own professionalism and character in this one, just to demonstrate that am committed to it, and I was making the point. My priority in the past two years and I make no excuse for it, was protecting the public, protecting our patients and protecting our staff clean as anybody has been involved in any change management and our lives would say, that’s not the time where you do a massive, probably one of the biggest restructures that the state has ever gone through. So I make no apologies to time goes not right to do.”


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