Head of the HSE nervous about how hospitals will cope in coming months

The head of the HSE says he’s quite nervous about how hospitals will cope in the coming months.

Latest figures show 457 people are in hospital with Covid and 88 in ICU.

It comes as Covid restrictions ease further today with the reopening of the nightlife sector and full capacity is now allowed at weddings and sports events.

The HSE’s Paul Reid says the coming months will be tough on the health system:

“I am quite nervous as we head into the Winter. If you say the list of potential impacts coming at us. If we look at the projections under modelling which are not off the Richter scale from efforts looking in the coming weeks, you know, they would indicate potentially a thousand people in hospital with Covid alone in hospital; potentially, 150 people in ICU and 150 people in ICU takes up 50% of our capacity.”


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