Health Minister Doesn’t Think A Particular Percentage Of Population Needs To Be Vaccinated Before Restrictions Eased Fully

The Health Minister says he doesn’t think a particular percentage of the population needs to be vaccinated before restrictions are eased fully.

The Chief Medical Officer has recommended at least 90 per cent of over 16 year olds be fully vaccinated before restrictions are completely lifted.

The Cabinet sub-committee on Covid-19 is meeting today to finalise the Government’s new roadmap.

Speaking on his way into the meeting, Minister Stephen Donnelly said he doesn’t think a target is necessary:

What I’ve seen in the conversations I’ve had with children and parents all around the country is, it’s the children saying “Come on, here’s the website, register, get in the car, and we’re going to go”. So you know, I don’t think we need to get up on a particular figure, be it 90%, 87%, 93%. We’re getting there or thereabouts anyway.”


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