Heated row in the Dáil over new rules around restricting movements for household close contacts

Labour leader Alan Kelly has insisted the Taoiseach told him teachers would be exempt from the rules in a conversation yesterday – urging Micheál Martin to call him a liar if it was untrue.The Taoiseach hit back denying he said anything of the sort during an off-mic exchange in the Dáil.Micheál Martin and Alan Kelly picked up the row in the Dáil this afternoon with the Taoiseach saying:

“I learned something about you yesterday, that I will not forget and that will govern our relationship from here onwards. In terms of the nature of the engagements, I’ve never seen the likes of it before.”

Alan Kelly quickly responded: “Taoiseach you’re also the Taoiseach that said the banks weren’t bailed out and your threats and roaring down the phone and threats in here don’t, don’t bother me. I let the public decide who they believe. I think we already know.”


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