Higher Education Minister: Up To Industry Bosses To Make Pay And Conditions Attractive Enough To Keep Tradespeople In Ireland

It’s up to industry bosses to make pay and conditions attractive enough to keep tradespeople in Ireland.

That’s according to the Higher Education Minister, who launched a new-look CAO website, which now has information about applying for apprenticeships.

Simon Harris says he’ll engage with construction bosses to keep apprentices in Ireland:

“It is important that industry also partner and make sure that career pathways, that conditions are good as well. And certainly in our engagement with industry rep. bodies, we’ll be making that point too. We can provide you with a really well qualified, talented workforce. We can make sure that there’s plenty of investment to keep housing going and retrofitting and climate. But you’ve also got to make sure that you’re providing a good workplace and a good environment and good career pathways.”


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